Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Quotes from 'Rodinsky's Room' - Iain Sinclair and Rachel Lichtenstein.

"A text that had been worn away by indifference, the exigencies of the everyday. A text that could only be reassembled by sympathetic magic, some peculiar marriage of scholarship and obsession." -Iain Sinclair.

"...forcing us to remember those who might prefer to be forgotten. But we can't allow it. We want to hold them here, in place, to give meaning to our own temporary residence." -Iain Sinclair

"...to complete the story that this stifled writer began: a room that was so purposefully disarranged, stacked with hints and echoes. Open the wardrobe. Sample the diary. Begin anywhere and you will find more material, tributaries branching from tributaries, than anyone life can hope to unravel." -Iain Sinclair

"...I tried to fit this landscape to the visionary riffs of Blake and De Quincey. I pillaged legends, stole names back from their well-earned obscurity. Understood how men became humans with birth certificates mingle with immortal fictions, with Sherlock Holmes, Fu Manchu, Dr Jekyll, Dr Mabuse and the Golem of Prague." -Iain Sinclair

"This was an unrequired story. My feeling now is that the routines I listened to were the ones I solicited. I was looking for confirmations and extensions of what I already knew. Rodinsky was an empty space, a lacuna; that which was not to be uncovered something sealed and forgotten. This was the period, the seventies between his disappearance and the breaking open the attic room. He wasn't visible or invisible. He had neither presence nor absence. His story hadn't been formulated." -Iain Sinclair

"Rachel Lichtenstein began by cataloguing the theatre of the garret, listing everything. 'I have photographs of the room, the objects,' she told me. 'Do you have a photograph of Rodinsky?' I asked. 'No,' she said. She was still the assistant stage-manager, waiting for the arrival of the principal actor." -Iain Sinclair